Sunday, November 1, 2015

Green Moong Vada

Mouth watering vegan recipe of green moong vada.


  • Green Moong dal also known as Green gram 2 cups
  • Salt to taste
  • Ginger Cloves (4-5)
  • Garlic (very small piece)
  • Chillies (2-3)
  • Soak the green grams in 3 cups of water over night.
  • The green grams would become soft by morning.
  • Remove the excess water from green grams.
  • Put the green grams, salt, ginger cloves, garlic and chillies in mixer and half cup of water.
  • Create a thick paste. Ensure that the paste is thick else it will absorb a lot of oil while frying.
  • Fry the paste by making small vadas in pan.
  • The green gram vadas are ready to eat !